Who are we
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Bristol Soup Run Trust - Helping Homeless People on the Streets of Bristol

The Bristol Soup Run Trust is a unique organisation in Britain that operates a soup run every night of the year for the homeless and others in need, in Bristol, and is a registered charity and limited company in its own right.

It was founded in 1986, and grew out of the pioneering work of Pip 'n' Jay church and Bristol Cyrenians.

Two meeting points are visited each night, and others are visited on a one to one basis in the city's central area.

Up to 80 people can benefit from our services each night. Soup and beverages, sandwiches, and other food, blankets for those sleeping rough, clothes and toiletries are distributed.

Every effort is also made in the limited time available to give basic information on accommodation, help on addiction, and day-centre facilities. Informal, friendly, non-judgemental conversation can be a positive help to those we serve. Also to some we may be the first people they have really talked to that day.

In line with its Mission Statement, the Trust coordinates the activities of a variety of volunteer groups which are generally, although not exclusively, church-based. The Trust publishes and maintains a Code of Practice designed to advise such groups on matters of health and safety and general best practice when delivering a Soup Run. A copy of this document is available on demand to all volunteers.

Bi-monthly meetings of volunteers are held when all issues are openly discussed, and supplies given out from a central fund, though many teams are generously self-sufficient.

Mission Statement

By coordinating the activities of volunteer groups, the aim of the Bristol Soup Run Trust is to ensure that, on every night of the year, food and other essential supplies are made available, free of charge, to homeless and other needy people on the streets of Bristol. The Trust also aims to provide clients with basic information on issues of relevance such as access to emergency accommodation and advice centres. At all times, it is the intention of the Trust that this help is provided in an informal, friendly and, above all, non-judgemental manner.

Where possible, the Trust aims to liaise with like-minded organizations in an effort to promote the interests of the homeless and thus to act as a voice for its clients.

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